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Thoughts on The Thomas Crown Affair Film











I absolutely adore this film (remake).  It’s one of the first buys I made when the DVD came out after the 1999 premiere.


Two individuals so alike – ruthless, intrigue in the games they play and a love of money.  A world of excess where one of them steps off the line he’s been towing to steal a work of art.

Like Rene Russo’s character says, “You’ve got your hand caught in the cookie jar now”  and Pierce Brosnan’s dead reply is “It’s just a game, love” while they are resting after having hot sex in a tropical location.

My other favourite quote is the reference to the old joke “How do porcupines mate?” and the answer is “Very carefully.”  Thomas Crown’s character wants Catherine Banning more than he wanted to succeed at stealing the painting only he’s not sure about this “love” thing.  How can you know if the person you adore feels the same? Truly?  It’s an unknown and Crown is engaged right to the end of the film with the Happily Ever After.

Great film!



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