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The writing train.

Well, I submitted a 5,000 word entry to the Rebecca yesterday thanks to Author Julia Phillips Smith making a write-in with me and motivating me to get it done. Thanks also to author Taryn Blackthorne for the critique work.  http://www.tarynblackthorne.com



I only had 1,400 words left to write and was putting it off after my Aunt Pat’s memorial.



I’m also part of Camp Nanowrimo this month and have 2 weeks left to finish 2 more short stories.



I’m feeling back on schedule and have the passion to continue.


The only problem is my other parts of my life are also demanding my energy: family, CTI coach training, Beachbody business (have plenty of hard working customers) and I’m starting Fit Clubs in September at The Coastal Inn on Windmill Road, friends, setting up a foundation, dogs, cat, my own workouts and Chiro appts., cooking, cleaning and getting in some down time before my EMBA at Athabasca University starts in October (just finished up Walden’s requirements to my last semester with them), and house reno & maintenance.


Authors Julia Phillips Smith http://www.juliaphillipssmith.com and Shawna Romkey http://www.shawnaromkey.com are busy with their upcoming books and still have time to juggle everything.  They are inspiring!


I’m hoping to go to RT14 next year and take in more workshops plus spot the celebrity authors we all love!


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