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Summer in Winter

I knew in my gut that making a trip to Florida could be hindered by winter snow storms.


But, I also knew when I booked the Florida RWA Fun in the Sun Conference months and months ago that I would need a break from winter.  I knew that my writing would need a “jolt” to keep going and keep moving.


Thanks to the great members of Florida RWA the conference went well and I really enjoyed myself.  Keynote Julia Quinn’s workshop on dialogue was incredibly helpful to someone like myself who is constantly working on her writing craft.


So when the snowstorm delayed my flight by a full day I hoped that winter would not stop me from making the cruise.  I event was prepared for the wild idea to meet the cruise in Cozumel, Mexico by plane!


Alls well that ends well in life and romance fiction, right? I made it there.  Got on board.  Had successful pitches and was able to find times where I could just chill on the balcony of my room in the sun – writing!


Sure, there was a huge party going on the entire time with the other people on the cruise.  And, let’s not talk about those Gluten Free Cupcakes I ate. 😉


I little bit of sunshine in the Canadian winter is a great prescription for motivation and a writer’s conference helps, too.

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