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NYT Bestselling Author Yasmine Galenorn – Review

I just absolutely love Yasmine Galenorn.  *fan girl*


I met her at RWA2012 and RT13.  She wasn’t at RT14 this year due to an injury.


So.  Let’s get to her final book in the series I was so addicted to I pre-ordered from the Seattle Mystery Book Store so there would be a signature in each book from her.


The series is:  The Indigo Court


The book is:  Night’s End.


One of the most dramatic and suspenseful conclusions to a series I have read in a very long time.  The character Lannan really comes alive in this stunning, sweeping war that Fae Queen Cicely has to finish.  And, it is up to her.  She has a tied past with the Indigo Court especially its Queen Myst.  One of the most powerful messages that Cicely learns is protecting her barrow and the structure of the society means making hard decisions.  Decisions that can end friendships but retain loyal, unwavering subjects.  Instead of being dehumanizing in her choices Cicely balances the power she now has with the home she longs to make.  At war with herself on most of the decisions she sees instead a future without the gruesome feedings by the Indigo Court and a world run by darkness.  Allies from different factions approach her with help but she barely has enough strength to see each battle through.

The description of the society is well done as Myst attacks the police force in the human world in an effort to seize control and reign in fear.   Instead of showing fear, Cicely rallies her allies and they work on a battleground strategy involving vampire, Fae, magic, Otherworld and human contributions.

I don’t usually love Epilogues but I was reading this one avidly with my own hunger to know more.  To see more before the series was done.  To have the future Cicely fought for “be.”





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