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Movie watching over the holidays

Well one of the great or not so great feature of the holidays is the time and opportunity to catch up on movies and tv shows.


It  may be not so great if you do it my way and watch a bunch of romantic comedies on tv.  Besides the annoying commercial breaks there’s also the editing that happens.


However, every now and then you find something that hits you a bit.


For me, it was Made of Honour starring Patrick Dempsey and Michelle Monaghan which is a romantic comedy from 2008.




Plot – well… plausible but not something that sweeps me off my feet in delirious joy of seeing the happily ever after.





What *did* get me was the scenery when they got to Scotland.  Och!  The scenery!  The hills!  The castle!








This castle they used as part of the character’s wealth (Colin) is actually Eilean Donan Castle (in the western part of Scotland) which I have had the pleasure of going to twice.  The second time I was there was with my church travel group in 2008 and the British Air Force did a fly by that day.  Creating a sonic boom against the walls that almost knocked me out it was so loud.

They also filmed in Skye.  I named my little Westie dog after that island in the Hebrides and highly recommend going there.  My first visit there was in 1999 with my Dad.  We had a great time and thoroughly enjoyed the trip we made there.  It’s also where my clan Donald seat of the Isles has some history there.

This pic is from the fabweb.com.   Who wants to go???  I’d love a writing retreat there!



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