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Hal-Con Sci Fi/Fantasy Convention 2013 – Oh My!

Well, this was mHAL-CON-Logo1ay first Hal-Con.  And whew!  A little star struck but also tired of the crowds.  Thanks to Shawna for this as a birthday present – it’s last day is tomorrow and I’m getting in line early…





Friday was packed but Saturday was a nightmare worthy of the sinister games in a Batman comic.

However, on Saturday two friends of mine held a workshop on Heroes and Villains in writing.  The workshop was a great success despite Shawna Romkey having laryngitis.

Julia Phillips Smith http://www.juliaphillipssmith.com has written two novels and is in Nanowrimo on her third right now.  Yet, she still found time to explain why villains are so horrible and how to write them as horrible people without losing your focus on plot and characters.

Shawna talked about heroes http://www.shawnaromkey.com and started out with Superman.  When she asked us for heroes there was silence and I yelled out, “Green Arrow!” in support and then sat through the whole workshop wondering why he was on my mind.

Well, maybe I know why he’s on my mind.  Look at him.  Cute as a button and sexy dangerous as well.












Anyhow here’s some pics of my experience at Hal-Con despite their over-capacity and angry nerd mob outside in the line that was going to be 6 hours of waiting today… Oh, Hal-Con.

Crowd going by to get in the Terry Brooks line up:











Hunky Heroes and Vile Villains workshop in the Fluffy room (reminds me of a certain kitten zombie Sarah MacDonald created years ago for Charlie Mac…)







Crowded room! Couldn’t get the crew at the back in costume sitting on the floor taking it all in…






This crowd wanted in but security in the yellow shirt was on lock down with the fire marshall’s orders re: over capacity.

Crowd waiting to go to Level 2

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